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The Sharpless Catalog

Sharpless Catalog

The Sharpless Catalog project is my effort to capture the detail of the Sharpless Catalog using hydrogen-alpha, oxygen III, sulfur II, and normal color filters.

Thursday December 08, 2016                                                  New Date:

Locations: Tucson, Arizona       Latitude 32N       Longitude 110.9W

Sunrise 7:12 AM
Sunset 5:19 PM
Distance 91,601,337 Miles
Angular Size 32.46 Min. of Arc
Position 17hr 27min -22° 45'
Constellation Ophiuchus
Julian Date 2457730.792
Moonrise 1:37 PM
Moonset 1:05 AM
Distance 235,108 Miles
Angular Size 32 Min. of Arc
Position 23hr 59min -2° 24'
Constellation Pices
Phase 55.82%
Lunar Phases
Full12/14/20160 05 UT
3rd Qtr12/21/20161 56 UT
New12/29/20166 53 UT
1st Qtr1/5/201719 47 UT
Full1/12/201711 34 UT
3rd Qtr1/19/201722 13 UT
New1/28/20170 07 UT

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