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The Sharpless Catalog

AstroPlus Windows Software

AstroPlus gives you all kinds of data on the moon, sun, and planets.  This includes rise times, set times, phases, distances, angular size, position in the sky (RA & DEC), distances, and much more. The program also gives you universal and Serial Time. There is over 150,000 U.S. cities defined in the database. You can sort them by state, county, or city.  Once you find your city, you can add it to the favorites. If your city does not exist, then just add it to the main database.

The installation has been tested with Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.   The download file is 8  MB.  If you download the Windows Installer for Windows 98, you should be able to install the program.  There is no help files with this program and it is easy to figure out how to use it

If you download and use CCD Explorer 2.0, you do not need to install this program.   CCD Explorer has all the same functions this program has.

      8 MB Download

Below are screens of this program.