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The Night Sky for Avantgo Users
An Astronomy Channel for Palm Pilots and Pocket PC

The Avantgo channel I have set up below allows you to download the same kind of information that is found on my mobile web site but does not require an Internet connection.   Now any Pocket PC or Palm OS device can access information off my Web site by adding the AvantGo channel I have set up below which is updated everytime you sync.


Click The PDA Above To Add My Channel

Once you have signed up with Avantgo go which is free, choose from the many channels that AvantGo provides including 

To add my astronomy channel, click the Tungsten PDA you see on the left.

The NightSky channel will give you the events in the sky for the current month, planetary information about where the planets are in the sky, up to the hour information such as size, distance, rise and set times, and more.  The Sun & Moon Information will give you sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset times.  A table of the lunar phases 3 months after the day you sync.   

Customize the channel for your own latitude and longitude.  

AvantGo, Inc. is the leading provider of infrastructure software and services that power the mobile economy. With offerings for enterprises and their customers, AvantGo is a pioneer in delivering real-world solutions wirelessly or via synchronization.

To sign up free, click on the AvantGo graphic: