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The Sharpless Catalog

Atoka, Oklahoma 2001
     Currently Own:

  • Mount Astro Physics 1200 Goto
  • Telescope: TAK Epslion 180 F/2.8
  • Camera: SBIG ST-10 XME
  • Color Filter Wheel SBIG CFW-10
  • Filters: AstroDon
  • Focusing: RoboFocus with FocusMax
  • Processing: CCD Stack and Photoshop CS2

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My name is Dean Salman and my wife's name is Michelle. I have created and maintain this Web site for others to enjoy and am always updating it.

I became interested in astronomy when I was given a 60mm refractor telescope for my 12th birthday in 1969. I took my first photographs of the constellations with a simple film camera in 1974 by taking 30 second exposures at the Orange County Astronomers former observing site located in the Santa Ana Mountains. I then got a Tasco 4 inch reflector and installed a clock drive, I was taking great wide angle shots with a 50mm lens mounted on my reflector.

In 1976, I started taking photographs though the telescope using an 8 inch F/7 and continued film photography. I mainly did astrophotography with Hyper 2145 film for black & white and Kodak PPF 400 for color. I swicth to using a CCD camera in 2001 which was the SBIG ST-7E, I now own an ST-10 XME with a 10 slot color filter wheel. Camera control tracking is done using Auriga, custom software written by Rockett Crawford. All my image processing is done with Photoshop CS2 and CCD Stack. I mainly do LRGB (Luminance, Red, Green, and Blue). I also have a set of Narrowband filters (Hydrogen, Oxygen III, Sulpur II, and Helium II) With these filters, I can create narrowband color images.

Any of the CCD images or in the daytime digital library can be used in any publication. Please let me know when you use one and give me credit this way: Dean Salman –


My Web Site

I do Web programming for a living so it comes to reason I would use my skills in developing my own Web site. This Web site was built using Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX technology built in. Behind the Web site is a SQL Server 2005 Database that feeds most of the content and images you see throughout the site. All the solar, lunar, and planetary information is determined by location of the user which is set up by the user. I also have a mobile web site so you get get this information via your cell phone or PDA.