Sharpless 216 - Second Closest Planetary To Earth
This is one of my longest images because the object is very faint.   I used CCD Stack to process the H-ALpha and RGB channels.  I then took the H-Alpha amd mixed it with the red channel at 70% and the blue channel at 15% to create a new RGB image.  This is a large planetary nebula, the FOV accross is 3 degrees

Telescope TAK Epsilon 160 F/3.3 on a Custom Built Mount
Camera SBIG STL-6303 XE
Filters H-ALpha, RGB
Location Gila, New Mexico
Exposure H-Alpha - 9 hours
Red - 1 hour (6x10)
Green - 1 hour (6x10)
Blue - 1 hour (6x10)
Imager Dean Salman -