Sharpless 230 and Messier 38
This image was carefully frame to pick up the open star cluster Messier 38 seen on the upper right.   I used CCD Stack to process the H-ALpha and RGB channels.  I then took the H-Alpha amd mixed it with the red channel at 70% and the blue channel at 15% to create a new RGB image.  Sharpless 230 is very large and contains the Flamming Star nebuls which lies just below this image, but this is the heart of this sharpless object.   Just on the top of the image is IC 417.

Telescope TAK Epsilon 160 F/3.3 on a Custom Built Mount
Camera SBIG STL-6303 XE
Filters H-ALpha, RGB
Location Gila, New Mexico
Exposure H-Alpha - 6 hours
Red - 30 min
Green - 30 min
Blue - 30 min
Imager Dean Salman -