Sharpless 280 Narrowband
This is processed using CCD Stack and Photoshop CS 2 using SII for red, HA for green, and OIII for blue. I also mixed in a HA, OIII, and SII image but only where the HA was too strong and nothing else was around.  You can see the OIII mostly in the middle.  This is a fairly bright nebula but is missed often because the Rosetta Nebula is so close by.

Telescope TAK Epsilon 180 F/2,8 on a Custom Built Mount
Camera SBIG STL-10 XME
Filters Red: SII, Green: H-ALpha, Blue: OIII
Location Tucson, Arizona
Exposure Red - 3 hours (12x15)
Green - 3 hours (12x15)
Blue - 3 hours (12x15)
Imager Dean Salman -