SH2-9 - Sharpless 9 and Messier 4
I used an H-Alpha RGB mix to created this image with CCD Stack and Photoshop CS2.  The strong reflection nebula was added in by creating another RGB image and blending it into the image.   The framing was done so that Messier 4 was included on the lower left.   I am in the middle of my project which will be to image the entire Sharpless Catalog in H-Alpha color.  This includes using narrowband filters when the OIII is rich in the nebula.

Telescope TAK Epsilon 180 F/2.8 on a Custom Built Mount
Camera SBIG ST-10 XME
Filters H-Alpha, RGB
Location Benson, Arizona
Exposure H-ALpha - 4 hours (16x15)
Red - 45 (15x3)
Green - 45 (15x3)
Blue - 45 (15x3)
Imager Dean Salman -