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The Sharpless Catalog

Current Events In The Sky

Below you will find what the current phase of the moon is and information on the sun and moon.  Also, the current events in the sky for the month can be viewed.

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Current Moon Phase:
Image from USNO website
courtesy USNO

Lunar Information

Constellation Aquarius
Earth Distance 249,506 Miles
Angular Size 29.93 Min. of Arc
Phase 43.53%
RA Position 22hr 43min
DEC Position -1° 03'
Moonrise 12:18 PM
Moonset 12:04 AM
Solar Information

Constellation Ophiuchus
Earth Distance 91,552,013 Miles
Angular Size 32.47 Minutes of Arc
RA Position 17hr 08min
DEC Position -23° 07'
Sunrise 7:15 AM
Sunset 5:20 PM

Current Events In The Sky

This month the brighter planets rule the night sky with the exception of Saturn which is behind the sun. Venus shines brightly in the west after sunset nearby the much dimmer Mars. In the morning sky, Mercury makes a great appearance around the middle of September, the best for 2010.

Jupiter rises at sunset and is visible all night long. The position of Jupiters orbit brings it closest to earth since 1963. So observers will have a great time viewing the largest planet as it is larger and brighter this year.

December 2010 will be the next total lunar eclipse that is well position for North America.

Up Coming Sky Events

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