Stars Over Texas



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My interest in Astronomy started in the early 60's as I used to lay out in our front yard with my dad looking for satellites as they passed overhead. I received my first telescope for Christmas and started learning about Astronomy in the Boy Scouts. I have always been fascinated by the thought of the vastness of our Universe. I drifted away from the Cosmos for several years but the amazement never left me.

In 1990 I was able to purchase my first serious telescope. I had been reading and following the pictures in the astronomy magazines and wanted see these things myself. After the 1994 impact of the Shoemaker/Levy comet, I really became interested in astroimaging. I took the plunge into the ccd cameras. When my first meager attempt to capture these faint fuzzes appeared on my computer screen, I new I was hooked.

I have traveled across a good portion of the southwest United States capturing these wonders of our Universe. What a gratifying and rewarding experience this has turned into. I have made many friends and cultivated lasting relationships with other's who enjoy staying up all night and observing the Glory of our Universe.

I got the idea of selling my photographs when enough people were asking if they were for sale. The image gallery contains most of my CCD images. Any of the images can be printed and sent to you. For details, see the Ordering page by clicking on "Ordering Prints"