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Cell Phones/ PDA Phones 

Palm/Pocket PC with WiFi

The Night Sky

Cell Phone, Palm, or Pocket PC that has Internet Access using their phone company or Wi-Fi.

Using a Web Enabled Cell Phone or PDA, you can access my web site and get the information about things happening in the sky.  You also get information for the sun, moon, and planets.  Customize your location by setting up a Location ID directly from your phone.

The layout display you see has been design for high resolution cell phone screens, but any modern Web Enabled Cell Phone should work fine. 

    Mobile Web Site is:

The predefine database has been extended to almost 900,000 cities including Canada. Now people in Canada can enter the zip code or enter the city an province.   In addition, even though this web site was design to be used on a mobile device, the web site will work with a desktop browser. 

Some cell phones, PDA, or Black Berrys have trouble setting up a site because the interface has issues with it.   So you can use your desktop Web browser to set up a new location.  Once you have setup a site, use the cell phone to select the new site in the following way:

Goto the URL for The Night Sky with your cell phone

Choose Setup New Location
Select Use a Previous Location
Enter the Loc ID you entered and select Find
It should find what you entered, from here just select Home
A cookie is saved so the location is there on your next return


Use the Setup New Locaition. You will be asked to enter a location id and your  position.  To enter your position enter a valid US/Canada zipcode or enter the city name.  If you do not have one or your city is not found, just enter the latitude, longitude, and time zone you are at.  You will also enter if you ever use daylight savings time during the year.   Some locations such as Arizona do not.  The default is Tucson AZ if you do not set one up.

Your device needs to be able to save cookies so it remebers what location you are using.  Today, most of these devices can save cookies.   When you create a location and save it, a cookie will be created.  Help and Info will tell you if your device can save cookies.

This is the main screen you work with. 

  • Setup New Location allows you to create sites
  • Current Location tells you the location you are set at
  • City Lookup returns the city, county, area code, latitude, longitude, timezone, sunset, sunrise, moonset, and moonrise of any US city
  • Month Summary gives you a general summary of the events in the sky
  • Upcoming Events tells you the sky events for the next 5 days
  • Solar/Lunar Times is a summary of rise and set times 
  • Solar and Lunar give you information on the moon and sun
  • Lunar Phases gets the phases of the moon
  • Planet Information gives you information each planet.

The information on the Web site is updated hourly so you get the latest information delivered to your cell phone.   You can also set dates on most screen to change and update the information seen.  

Screen Shots