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QuickStuff Plug-In for Maxim DL 4.0 or higher

This is a simple plug-in for Maxim DL version 4.0 or higher. Just install the Plug-In as you would any other. The screen has instructions on how to use Part A of this plug-in, part B is explained below. 
(Includes Source Code) 

                              Download Here

Part A – Quick Start

The first part of this plug-in will work only in you have a camera where the temperature can be set from Maxim DL. When you click Start Now, the plug-in will tell Maxim DL to connect with the camera and set the temperature to -50. After 10 minutes to allow the camera to reach the lowest temperature, that value will be multiplied by 0.89 to set the new temperature so that the power level is around 89 percent. After 2 minutes, the new the process will be finish. The 2 minutes is done to give the temperature time to stabilize. If you check the Do Not Set Temperature box, the process is done after the 10 minutes is up. This is to allow you to set the temperature yourself to the nearest master dark you have in your library.

Part B – Quick Path

Quick Path was created so when a sequence was ready to be done with Maxim DL, all you would have to do is set the series of images you wish to shoot. The way Quick Path works is that your images are stored in the Home Path on your computer, which you can set. Just enter the name of the object you want to image such as M42, and the following will happen.

If it does not exist, a new directory will be created under the home path in the format YYYYMMDD. The date is determined by subtracting 12 hours from the current time and using that date. This was all you images stay in a new folder and another one is not created after midnight. Under this new folder is another folder with the name you entered as the object. In addition, the sequence is set to one, the file name in the sequence tab is filled with the object name, and the default path in Maxim DL where the files is stored is set. So all you have to do is choose the series of images to shoot and click start.

This part of the plug-in will only work in version 4 or higher of Maxim DL and the camera needs to be plugged into the system. If it is not connected already, Quick Path will connect it. The reason for this is the script that sets the sequence options needs the camera connect. This is considered FREEWARE and cannot be sold in any way. You are welcome to give is away or put it on your web site for downloading. The plug-in, part B mainly, is a nice time saver.

Part C – Quick FITS  (NEW DEC. 2004)

Quick FITS was created so if you want to add some information to the FITS header for many files, you just select the files, enter the KEY name, value, and the type of value it is (Decimal, Integer, or text).  This new feature is usefull if you have missing information in the FITS header such as SET-TEMP when your camera has no software temperature control (like my Audine CCD is).  It is also useful for entering information like location, RA, DEC, etc...