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The Sharpless Catalog

City Locator

City Locator allows you to find or enter your location.  Once you have set this up, all the sun, lunar, and planetary information will apply to your location.

The default city is Tucson, AZ.  To change to your city, enter the information in the text boxes below.  When you are done, click Update Display and you will see the information you entered displayed below.  This will be saved until you close the Web browser. 

To keep this information for your next visit to my Web site, use the Save Location button.  This creates a Web cookie so your Web browser must support cookies.

You can also use the City finder below to locate latitude and longitude for most US and Canada cities.  

City Finder


Enter the City information for your area.  If you have a U.S. zip code, you can use that on the home page.     All information below is required. 
Latitude    deg    min  
Longitude  deg  min
Time Zone
Use Daylight Savings  

Below is what is currently being used.   My Web site assumes that DST in the North is from April - Oct.  and Oct. - April in the south.

Time Zone
Use Daylight Savings

No City Saved in Cookie