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The Sharpless Catalog

Solar System

Below are some general facts about the sun and the nine planets.  Because this information is always being updated by new discoveries, some of the information may be out dated.

To compute your weight and age for a given planet, fill in the information below.  This information is not recorded anywhere.  It is just use to do the math.

Birthdate      Weight:    


  Your Age Would Be 29866 yrs 11 days

  Your Weight Would Be 2800 lbs

Planet Sun
Surface Gravity 28.000 g
Escape Veloicity 0 (mi/sec)
0.00 (km/sec)
Highest Temperature 29,000,000F
16,111,093 C
16,111,366 K
Lowest Temperature 9,981F
5,527 C
5,800 K
Distance from Sun 0miles
0 km
Diameter 861,800miles
1,378,880 km
Rotation on Axis (Planet's Day) 24 days 14 hrs
Orbit Around Sun (Planet's Year) N/A
Brightest Magnitude -26
Number of Moons N/A
Number of Rings N/A